The Healthy You Plan

"I started your programme just over a week ago. I'm so pleased to say that in my first week I lost 5lb and also lost an inch off every where too!!! Thank you so much, I cant believe the difference I feel inside, and I'm starting to feel confident in wearing my dresses again!!"

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Let's start by clarifying that this isn't a 'bikini body' plan - it's a healthy body plan. It’s for those of you who need a bit of help to eat well, exercise and feel healthier and confident in yourself - whether that be before the dreaded summer arrives and brings with it a suitcase full of body hang ups, or just to get healthier in general.

The focus is not on looking a certain way in your swimsuit, because everyone’s body shape is different. Our bodies are unique, so why work towards looking like someone else? How about we work to be the strongest, healthiest versions of ourselves and love who we are instead of comparing ourselves to other – usually unachievable – figures?

Well, look no further.

The Healthy You Plan is a six week programme with adaptable exercises sessions, free resistance band and a meal plan that takes into account your daily nutritional needs based on your individual requirements. You simply use the recipes and meals provided to eat within your daily calorie, fat and sugar needs and complete the workouts provided in the comfort of your home - no need to step outside the living room!


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1395645754_marker-8 Adapt around your family and lifestyle. 

1395645754_marker-8 Find out the daily nutritional requirements for you as an individual. 

1395645754_marker-8 ‘Mix and match’ meals, recipes and exercises to your schedule. 

1395645754_marker-8 No diets! You will not go hungry and are allowed your favourite treats. 

1395645754_marker-8 Vegetarian meal plan available. 

1395645754_marker-8 Receive a FREE resistance band for toning and strength, worth £10!

1395645754_marker-8 Exercise sessions adapted to your fitness level. 

1395645754_marker-8 Emotional support provided.


"Great food plans and recipes, which have been a great help and mean you never have to go hungry or have to follow any fad diets to achieve the results you want" 

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All for just £29.99!!

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The Healthy You Plan



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