One of the great things about working with Tara is being able to have my kids there. She is super friendly and flexible, I would recommend her to any mums out there, especially anybody who's been out of the 'exercise loop' for a while.

Alison Wildig 

After training with Tara for over a year I can’t imagine life without her, she has completely transformed my attitude to fitness and nutrition. It isn’t just exercise that she provides amazing help with but I have also received some great nutritional advice through food plans and recipes, which have been a great help and mean you never have to go hungry or have to follow any fad diets to achieve the results you want. 

Amy Mills-Wade

As a working mum of two small children, I was beginning to despair of my struggle to shift excess weight and could not find the time or motivation to exercise. Tara really understood my needs and as a result of her skills and encouragement , I have seen very promising results from the personal training sessions in a short space of time. The sessions with Tara are always varied and have given me the confidence and self-belief I need to make permanent changes to my lifestyle. I find her highly approachable and very adaptable in her style of working.

Caroline Keaney 

I found Tara a delight to work with, she always makes the sessions fun, she is always smiling and bubbly, and pushes you to your limits and strives for you to do your best. She has helped me improve my fitness levels to the point I am now doing activities and classes I would have never been able to do. I could not to it without her! :)

Sonia Minhas

As a personal trainer Tara is qualified, motivating, honest, friendly and most importantly to me, not judgemental. She observed everything I did closely and ensured I got the most out of the programme. We talked about nutrition and the importance of adopting a healthy diet, luckily Tara adopts an ‘everything in moderation’ approach which was incredibly refreshing. I was able to eat the things I loved in smaller portions, less frequently and still lose weight. 

Laura Heffer