taras fitness shoot (116 of 147)Personal training is a great way to reach your goals! By working together we can assess your starting levels and agree realistic goals, time frames and ways to achieve it together. We will agree a programme that will ensure you achieve the results you dream of and beyond, reassessing and changing these as necessary to account for your progress and take into account those things in your life that may pop up along the way.

By having a tailored personal service you also have my support to keep you encouraged and motivated even outside our 1:1 training sessions.

Pre/Post Natal Exercise

If you are pregnant or just had a baby, it can be intimidating to know where to start - or continue - with an exercise programme. With the celebrity culture of getting straight into those jeans so quickly, new mums can find it overwhelming to get back into shape, or simply not know what you can and can't do.

The answer? Take it slow! You are human, you are a mum and you have a busy life to keep up with and your body has undergone changes that need to be taken into consideration when exercising. I am qualified to prescribe pre and post natal women the correct and safe exercise choices to get the results you want and feel like yourself again, taking into account your new responsibilities as a mum, but also remembering who you are as a person.

Exercise for Disabilities

Just because you have a disability, it does not mean that being fit and healthy is not an option for you! Instead, your programme is adapted around your condition and any restrictions or medications are taken into account. This covers any disability such as visual and hearing impairments, Down's Syndrome, Autism, learning difficulties, amputation, arthritis, spinal injuries and more.


                                       **Free consultation - no contracts or obligations!** 


One person session: 

Cash per session - £40

Block book five - £185 

Block book 10 - £350 


  Lacking motivation? 

Why not train with a friend, spouse or family member?


 Two person sessions:
Cash per session - £60
Block book five - £280 
Block book 10 - £500 

What do you get per session?         

Your first free session is a consultation with weights and measures, goal setting and a chat about what you would like to achieve.   

Subsequent sessions include a one hour 1:1 training session, along with programme review and adjustment, nutritional advice and food diary, plus ongoing support by me outside of training sessions.res, goal setting and a chat about what you would like to achieve and how this is possible in your current lifestyle.