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Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching

It's not all about fitness. In fact, a healthy diet is 75% of a weight loss regime and is key to losing weight but also maintaining a healthy weight. And given that you have to consume food every day in order to survive, and that there are so many conflicting messages out there, I understand that it can be overwhelming to begin a weight loss or healthy eating programme.

You may believe you are eating the right foods but wonder why you can never shift those last few pounds...does this sound familiar? This may be because there are hidden causes in your overall diet that you are unaware of.

 Or, if you are always trying the newest 'diet' that promises instant results, you may wonder why these results never last. This is because these are quick fixes that don't teach you how to make smart, healthy choices for yourself, so as soon as your 'diet' is finished you go back to your old habits. 

 With all personal training programmes, a basic nutritional review is included. However, if you have the exercise in hand but need some help with your food, then we can delve further in to your diet and find out areas where you can use a hand - this can be as basic or in-depth as you like. We will review your food habits and agree achievable changes to help you reach your goals, implementing changes slowly so that these become lifestyle choices that will last. You will receive full support by me and I will even give you a helping hand in how to shop so that these changes become part of who you are. 


Basic food diary review - £25

In-depth analysis and goal setting (6 week programme) - £50

In-depth analysis, goal setting, on going support over an undecided length of time - £25 direct debit per month

'In-depth analysis' includes nutrient and vitamin intake, calorie setting for your specific needs, recipes, food plans, shopping guides and more.