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"I started your programme just over a week ago. I'm so pleased to say that in my first week I lost 5lb and also lost an inch off every where too!!! Thank you so much, I cant believe the difference I feel inside, and I'm starting to feel confident in wearing my dresses again!!" 


Our bodies are unique, so why work towards looking like someone else?


Let's start by clarifying that this isn't a 'new year detox' plan - it's a healthy body plan.

It’s for those of you who need a bit of help to exercise and feel healthier and confident in yourself. The focus is not on looking a certain way, because everyone’s body shape is different. You are simply working to be the strongest, healthiest version of yourself and love who you are.

The Healthy You Plan is a six week food and exercise programme that you can follow around your own lifestyle. You receive adaptable exercise sessions that you follow along online and complete the workouts provided in the comfort of your home - no need to step outside the living room! You can mix and match the weekly sessions around your schedule with a natural progression over the weeks as you get stronger and fitter. You just need to get yourself a resistance band - no other equipment needed.

At the same time you'll receive a recipe booklet full of easy, healthy recipes to follow that are full of flavour, calorie information and won't leave you hungry!

It's that simple! All you need to do is decide that you want to change your health - and your life - for the better.


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1395645754_marker-8 6 week progressive exercise programme.

1395645754_marker-8 4-5 short weekly sessions, mix and match around your lifestyle.

1395645754_marker-8 Full video training in real time.

1395645754_marker-8 Cardio, strength, core training and stretching.

1395645754_marker-8 Lose weight and increase strength, tone and fitness.

1395645754_marker-8 All you need is a resistance band  and your own body weight.

1395645754_marker-8 Exercise sessions adapted to your fitness level. 

 1395645754_marker-850 page pack with easy, healthy recipes and healthy eating advice.


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