Back to School Lunch & Snack Ideas

Need some inspiration for the lunch box or at home? Look no further!


Home baked chicken nuggets (recipe here)



Fruit & veg skewers

Simply stack some skewers with any bits of fruit and veg that you can find.



Blueberry and banana  muffins (recipe here)

blueberry muffin


Two-a-day fusilli pasta

 1 cup of fusilli with 80g of peas and sweetcorn, a handful of cherry tomatoes, half a tin of tuna and a splash of pepper, two drop of olive oil and a tsp of tomato puree. Mix all together for a nutrient filled easy lunch.



 Natural flavoured yoghurt

Don't buy the pre-flavoured pots as they contain loads of added sugars. Give the kids some of their five-a-day by finely dicing up fruit and mixing it in with a greek yoghurt pot, such as the stawberry one below. 



Pitta pizzas

You can put anything you want on these - pictured below is tomato paste, tomato and cheese and then tomato sauce, broccoli, peppers and cheese...*hint* I chopped the broccoli florets up really tiny so they became part of the sauce (no doubt the monkies will notice though!)

pitta pizza


Baked chip shapes

Any root veg will do but here we have potato, sweet potato and butternut squash. Simply shape and bake in the oven with a drop of olive oil for around 40 minutes and they have little healthy chips.

baked shapes


Veg sticks with home made tzakiki dip

Finely chop some cucumber and mix it in with greek yoghurt and a drop of lemon juice for a fresh and healthy dip.

veg sticks


Fruit jelly

Make up jelly as per usual but add pieces of fruit inside so they're getting real fruit too.



Shaped-up crackers



Cheese and leek muffins (recipe here)

Or any savoury variety will do - just get some veg in there and hope they don't realise!!

cheese and leek muffin


Puff pastry bites

Below we have marmite and cheddar stars, a broccolli & mushroom face and a tomato paste and cherry tomato car (excuse my artwork!) Any variety of fillings will do, try and cram as much fruit and veg in as you can.

puff shapes